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Welcome to Hispanic United Charities, a 501 (C) 3 not for profit organization which seeks to energize American Latinos and the community at large to actively support Latino and Hispanic causes.It is a sad fact that many worthy Hispanic causes lack the necessary funding to properly address the crtical needs of the American Latino population.Through programs, grants, donor education and the promotion of our affiliated organizations, we actively support Hispanic causes that have funding deficiencies.

By the year 2050, it is estimated that forty-nine percent (49%) of the U.S. population will comprise people of color. One quarter of this ethnically diverse population will be Hispanic, accounting for approximately ninety-eight million people - a two hundred percent (200%) increase from the present Hispanic population. As people of color will comprise nearly half of the nationís population, the economic viability and social well-being of these communities will be crucial for our national vitality.

The Latino community already is the single largest minority community in the U.S., presently representing more than 13% of the total population. Yet, private philanthropy gives less than 1.5% of its grant dollars to Latino organizations.

Hispanic United Charities is working to change this dynamic. We believe that a strong relationship between philanthropic organizations and the Hispanic community can create a funding base for American Hispanics. The traditional approach to Hispanic philanthropy based on cultural heritage is changing to a new emphasis on giving based upon the needs of the Hispanic community at the local, regional and national level.



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