Why Choose Us?

Why Ameris?

The Ameris personality has developed around the needs of our customers.

Diverse in-depth knowledge: – The core Ameris team has a strong background in business and marketing as well as the specialist areas of computer engineering, programming, design and project management. So when we design and install a network, we are looking at the practical applications for the people who use it. And when we deliver a website we will consider it from a marketing angle before we use our technical expertise to build it.

Effective and cost effective: Ameris has developed an IT support package that specifically meets the needs of small to medium sized businesses in London . Providing you the service you desire at the cost you can afford. With web development projects we work with your budget to find the most economical yet effective solution for enhancing your customer service and increasing your profits

Flexible: Whether you want to outsource your entire IT requirements or rejuvenate your existing website, Ameris can help. We offer flexible IT support contracts, design bespoke network installations and build websites around your business priorities.

Reliable: Smooth running and up to date IT systems are essential for you to run your business successfully and give you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead. Let Ameris provide one-stop management for all your IT needs. We have some useful IT related resources that may help your business from today.

If you would like to chat through your IT needs further please telephone Ameris on 0207 387 0473.