Cyber Security

Cyber security – the risks

All Internet content you read, send or receive carries a risk . The Internet, e-mail, instant messaging and social media are standard in today’s workplace. As a result, cyber security and inappropriate usage concerns are now bigger than ever for all London businesses. Firewalls, passwords and encryption alone can’t protect you.

Cyber security – Ameris protecting business in London

Increasingly, businesses are being disrupted by computer viruses—new viruses appear every day. The only way to prevent this is a combination of correctly configured and regularly updated anti-virus software, properly configured and regularly maintained computers, putting a firewall in place, and implementing and adhering to a ” safe computing ” policy (see below) at your place of work. As part of our IT support agreements, Ameris ensures that your computer network is properly protected against hackers and viruses.

Ameris offer web and email filtering that stops spam, viruses, pop-ups and internet borne pests

The proliferation of unwanted email (spam), viruses, pop-ups and other internet-borne pests is an increasing concern and a real commercial danger to businesses. Time lost through coping with computer viruses, wading through spam or through employees’ inappropriate use of the web and/or email soon adds up to a significant dent in the bottom line. Ameris can put systems in place to ensure that your business is protected.

If you are a business in London and want to discuss your computer cyber security, call Ameris on 0845 600 3668.

Here are a few safe computing tips to get you started: