Web design & Web Business

Web sites don’t always do the job you thought you were paying for. Businesses buy stunning designs that hardly anyone sees, tolerate download speeds that send people to their competitors or navigation that proves too frustrating for customers to fill their shopping baskets. When you choose your web design and e-business provider, you want an agency with the technical knowledge and design expertise to turn your investment into profit.

The right web design and e-business solution

Ameris has a reputation for delivering web design and e-business projects that make the right first impression on potential customers and integrate with different backend systems. Our knowledge of search engines will drive people to your web site and our web design and e-commerce experience will convert visitors into prospects and customers. We focus on finding a solution that will recoup your investment and turn it into profit.

E-commerce solutions

More and more customers now go online to shop, making online trading an essential component of your revenue stream. Our e-commerce experience enables us to help you with all the key areas involved in making your site efficient and lucrative:

Web site optimisation and e-marketing

A high proportion of visitors find sites via a search engine such as Google. Ameris specialise in optimising web sites to maximise natural search engine listings. In competitive categories, a site may benefit from driving traffic via e-marketing campaigns. Ameris offers either a consultancy package or a hand-holding implementation service for online optimisation or e-marketing needs.

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