Network Design & Installation

If your technology is networked, your people are too, reducing their workload and increasing their productivity. Ameris is highly experienced at designing computer networks to fit the needs of individual businesses and installing them with minimum disruption to work. We then provide a maintenance and support service for your computer network and its associated systems.

Ameris is a certified Microsoft Partner and Dell affiliate and is able to supply top quality equipment and the latest software at discounted prices.

The Ameris network design and installation service

Ameris provides a comprehensive project managed computer network solution for London businesses. A consultancy, design, installation and network support service that includes:

The key benefits of a computer network

A networked computer system carries an array of benefits including:

If your business is based in London and you require network support or a computer network designed and installed, telephone Ameris 
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Some frequently asked questions about computer network support for London businesses

A network is a collection of computers, printers, and other electronic devices that can talk to one another and work together. A network allows individuals to share and exchange information such as files, diaries and contacts, and hardware such as printers and scanners.

  • Increased employee productivity: when your office is connected your people are too, so everyone has quicker, more convenient access to the resources they need, saving your business time.
  • Reduced communication costs: exchanging information electronically reduces paper, postage, and overnight delivery fees. You can also lower phone bills with automatic e-mail or fax delivery during off-peak hours. With multiple sites linked together, network telephony allows you to send your calls over dedicated network connections. This can greatly reduce call charges between your offices.
  • Reduced office equipment costs: networking saves you money by letting you defer expensive equipment purchases. You won’t have to buy an extra printer or fax machine when it’s so easy to share what you already have.

To implement a computer network requires hardware and software. The most basic form of networking involves linking a series of computers to each other or to a more powerful computer (called the server) over short distances, for instance, a single office or a group of offices in the same building. This is known as a Local Area Network or LAN. The network hardware (consisting of network adaptors, cables, hubs or switches and routers) provides the physical connections between the computers. Network software, such as Microsoft Small Business Server 2003, provides the communications intelligence that lets your desktop applications, such as word processors or spreadsheets see the other users on the network and access shared resources.

As your business grows, your people have an increasing need to share software and hardware resources to maximize workflow. A file or storage server added to your network centralises the place where files and information are stored and accessed. Not only does this server make it easier to find files and information, it also enables you to back them up efficiently and effectively.

It’s vitally important that you have a proper computer network solution for backup and disaster recovery. In order to backup all your company’s information (which can extend to quite a large amount of data), a data tape device installed on the server combined with specialist software will quickly and efficiently backup your data each day to a tape that can then be taken off the business premises for safe keeping. In the unfortunate event of a complete system failure or “crash”, we can restore your system data back to its original state enabling your company a speedy recovery and return to work.